These games first appeared at the Arcade on 5 December 2013:

Narcoleptic Chicken Kid – Lianne Booton (Windows)

These games first appeared at the Arcade on 2 November 2013:

The Kiwis’s Tale – Erik Hogan & Stephen Knightly

Robofortress – Joshua Smyth

Attack of the Meeplings – Joshua Smyth

Tide – Matthew Gatland

Cum Die with Me – Lianne Booton (Windows)

Super Go Down the Hole – Sergio Cornaga (Windows)

Worker and Parasite – Sergio Cornaga and Mark Gobbin (Windows)

Noah more Heroes – Andrew Young, Anthony Lau, Erik Hogan, Michael Schaeffers, Sergio Cornaga (Windows)

Space Octopus Mono – Matthew Gatland (Windows)

Smesport – Michael Brough. This game is not released yet.

Word Wars – Jenna Gavin and Tom Tyer-Drake. Look out for this game cabinet at other events around Auckland.

Thanks to all of the game creators for letting us use their work!
Follow the links above to check out their other projects.

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