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Pop-Up Arcade presents

Games at the Library #3

Space Ribbon | Attack of the Meeplings | Robofortress | Space Octopus Mono | Worker & Parasite | Narcoleptic Chicken Kid | $13 Game

April 1 – April 31st


Central City Library,
44 - 46 Lorne Street,

The Games

Space Ribbon – Ben Mitchell

Attack of the Meeplings – Joshua Smyth

Robofortress – Joshua Smyth

Space Octopus Mono – Matthew Gatland (Windows)

Worker and Parasite – Sergio Cornaga and Mark Gobbin (Windows)

Narcoleptic Chicken Kid – Lianne Booton (Windows)

$13 Game – Sergio Cornaga (Windows)

More info

The arcade visits the central city library. As well as installing the arcade, we will run two game-making workshops for children as part of this event. (They are already booked out, sorry!)

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